Reinventing the portable bar industry

A durable, transportable and professional portable bar system.

Revolutionary Modular Design

Create incredible looking portable bars that blend right in at high-class events.

Install bars in hard to access sites

The unique design of our Zipbar sections allows you to build a great looking bar in any location.

Customisable to suit your needs

We offer extensive customisability options, allowing you to make your Zipbar entirely your own.

Multiple Sizes

Zipbar products are available in many different sizes, giving you the flexibility and freedom to create any kind of portable bar setup you can imagine.

Cost Saving

The high quality construction and modularity of Zipbars means that they’re the only portable bar product you’ll ever need to buy.


We offer a suite of customisation options to our clients to ensure that every Zipbar product meets their specific needs.


Zipbar prioritises ergonomics in its design to ensure user comfort, efficiency, and safety.

Easy Installation

Cost Effective

An Unrivalled bar experience

An Unrivalled Bar Experience

At Zipbar, we offer a revolutionary product that has been designed from the ground up to transform the way that event companies are able to deliver their portable bar services. By making use of the modular design of all of our Zipbar sections, you’ll be able to create bar setups that look incredible, are fully customisable and are compatible with any kind of event space imaginable.

Buy a Zipbar

Whether you are looking for relaxation, relief, or recreation, we have the right product for you.

Hire a Zipbar

We work with several companies that are well known for their ability to deliver fantastic events.

Loved by staff and companies

Loved By Staff And Companies

Zipbars are easy to work with and provide all of the utilities and features that your staff need to provide an incredible event experience to your clients. They are designed to be installed and removed with extreme ease, no tools required. They can also be outfitted with storage spaces, shelving, ice wells and more to better accommodate the specific needs of your staff at any particular event.

Unique design & fully responsive to your needs

Unique Design & Fully Responsive To Your Needs

Zipbar is a combination of Design, Manufacturing, Events & Leisure